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frequently asked questions

how do I get my documents to you?
If your documents are already in electronic form, by all means email them.  Hard copies of documents can be posted in the mail but please make sure to send photocopies rather than originals. 

how much will it cost?

That is a  difficult question to answer without first seeing your documents.  Words per page, legibility, level of complexity and a host of other considerations must be factored in.  You can rest assured that value pricing offers you competitive rates.  Projects are usually priced according to a fixed hourly rate with a maximum per word cost guarantee and a minimum project fee.  Estimates can be requested in advance and are always free!

how do I pay?
Preferably by check made out to Scandinavian Translation Service.  International wire transfers or Paypal also accepted.  An invoice will be enclosed along with your completed translation.  Cash in jars must be hand delivered.

how long will it take?

Urgent translations can often be completed for next-day delivery.  Larger projects will probably take longer.  Low priority non-commercial projects (i.e. that stack of old family letters) qualify for a discount, but delivery could be 2-6 weeks depending on seasonal workloads.

did Vikings really wear horned helmets?

No, only in cartoons and the movies...

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